Tenant Handbook

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Fire and Life Safety Systems

Central Fire Alarm System
The fire alarm system will activate if a smoke detector, sprinkler head or pull station is activated. Audible alarms and visual strobes will activate, and a 24-hour monitoring center will automatically dispatch the Fire Department. Building doors will automatically switch to an unlocked status if alarm occurs after normal building operating hours. Fire Department will respond and investigate the source of the alarm.

Smoke detectors, horns, and strobes are located throughout the building in accordance with current building codes. The central fire alarm system is activated whenever a fire alarm condition exists. The Engineering staff is trained on the system and will take the proper action for such emergencies. Manual fire alarm pull stations are located throughout the building, generally near exits from an area or floor. Fire extinguishers are located in cabinets next to the stairwell doors and strategically throughout tenant spaces. Please arrange for training of your staff on the proper use of fire extinguishers. The Fire Department and authorized fire extinguisher companies can assist you with training. Building Management can assist you in arranging for training. A telephone is present inside each elevator that rings to a monitoring system. Persons trapped in an elevator can get assistance through this means of communication. Stairwells are pressurized with outside air to prevent smoke from entering and allowing a safe, smoke free, exit from the building. Elevator shafts are also pressurized with outside air in case someone is unknowingly trapped in an elevator during a fire emergency.

Assisting Visitors Unfamiliar with Building
Please be aware that if visitors are present during an emergency, your Emergency Team needs to assist the visitor in evacuating the premises. If a visitor sign-in sheet is maintained at your front desk, we suggest someone be assigned to bring that information to the Suite Monitor after evacuating the building in order to help facilitate an accurate head-count.

Above all, everyone involved needs to keep their own safety in mind and allow the Fire Department to take control.